Driving impact in one of the most demanding industries: the legal profession
When our attorneys feel supported and encouraged to succeed, the results for the firm have no bounds. Keep Company is a win-win, both for our people and our firm.”
- Chief Talent Officer
A Case Study
How Keep Company and a top global law firm partnered to drive belonging and retention among the hardest to retain: parents and caregivers.
As organizations are forced to do more with less while navigating unprecedented burnout rates, innovative leaders are looking for a new strategy to better care for – and keep  – their people.
Up to 73% of employees in U.S. organizations are parents or caregivers, but women and people of color are disproportionately more likely to leave the workforce because of caregiving responsibilities.
The average cost of attrition of one attorney
(New York Law Journal)
A Path Forward
Aware of the changing landscape of employee needs and eager to continue being a premier destination for women and diverse attorneys, this firm partnered with Keep Company to double down on its investment in the parents and caregivers among its ranks.
Together, this firm and Keep Company have not just signaled inclusivity, but actually delivered belonging.
“This was a deeply impactful experience for me, one that shifted my perspective at work and at home. Anyone that cares for someone else would benefit from this time and space.”
- Associate
Since partnering with Keep Company, this firm has seen 3x less attrition than industry average
95% of members report feeling more belonging and connection
LEARN HOW a top global law firm PARTNERED WITH KEEP COMPANY TO NOT JUST CARE FOR, But Keep, Their People.
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